Skateblox Warehouse Update 5 by Dan Lykens

The Blox are cut!

The next step for finishing up the first Skateblox mini ramp is the final coating, making the ramps hard enough to ride. Then, we skate.

You can check out the whole warehouse and the first Skateblox mini below. To be the first to know on Skateblox availability, sign up here.

Skateblox Warehouse Update 4 by Dan Lykens

The blox are in! The raw materials needed for the first round of skate blox have entered the Kraken warehouse. Soon we'll be cutting, coating, and finishing up the blox to ship some ramps. The materials will be enough for the first few mini ramps, each being constructed from six quarter pipe Skateblox. Stay tuned for more at

Kraken Snowday! by Dan Lykens

Kraken Boardsports' hometown of Wilkes Barre PA got hammered by a nor'easter this week, allowing the Kraken Stealth to take to the streets. A great time to break out the Stealth 301.