Skateblox Wake Kicker at Cancer Freeze 2018 by Dan Lykens

Kraken traveled down to Florala, AL for this year's Cancer Freeze to provide the pull, and the kicker for the wakeboard session. The best winch trick award was presented by Kraken, and awarded to Colby Bernier for his front board hardway 270. 

Skateblox Warehouse Update 7 by Dan Lykens

The system for making Skateblox was down for a bit, but we are happy to announce that it is back online, and initial quarter pipe sales are going out! Expect wakeboard kickers and full mini ramps soon. 

Road Trip: Kraken headed to fifth annual Powder Keg Rail Jam at Powder Ridge Park by Dan Lykens

Kraken Stealth 212 is at Jay Peak by Dan Lykens

The Kraken Bus dropped off a Stealth 212 winch to Jay Peak for their park, and general nowboarding adventures. See more about Jay Peak at and see the snowboard winch they got at our store

Skateblox Warehouse Update 6 by Dan Lykens

Skateblox are here!

After troubleshooting with the spray system coating the blox, the first mini ramp is finally done! It's taken longer than expected, but soon we'll be skating on it. We plan to travel around with it, so be on the lookout for the traveling skatepark!