It’s come a long way…

Back in 2016, we fired up our very first Kraken Stealth and threw a rail jam in Danny’s yard. Surprisingly the cops never came. It’s been growing since, so this year we wanted to do something…bigger.

This November 9th, join us at Susquehanna Brewing Company for our biggest rail jam yet. We’re opening to the public with food, SBC beer, bands, and interesting vendors all along side the snowboarding in a full fledged (and all ages) festival.

So get your friends, get your family, load up the station wagon and head on down to SBC on November 9th for AleJam, Kraken’s original festival. Here’s a map for those who get lost easily.


Unfamiliar with the Kraken Rail Jams? Just like watching snowboarding? Check out the 2018 Rail Jam edit, it’s here!

Interested in becoming one of our vendors at the event? Reach out at to join our team of cool sponsors below