Strapping Down a Kraken Stealth / by Dan Lykens

The one question we get a lot with the Kraken Stealth is "How do strap it down?" There are many creative ways, but here are the ones we find the most effective.

1: Ratchet Strap to a tree/pole/immovable object
This option works well, and requires 1-2 ratchet straps. The first ratchet strap goes through the square tube in the front of the winch. If you can back the winch up against an object, it makes it steadier, although it is not required. A second ratchet strap can go through the tie downs on the optional rear T handle


2: Auger/Stake into the ground
If you can not find a large object to strap the winch to, the winch can be held in place by putting augers/stakes into the ground. The T handle is required to hold the machine down using just augers. It is possible to ratchet strap to the augers if you do not have the T handle. Also, dense ground is needed for using augers; sand or loose rocks makes securing the winch difficult.   


3: Use in 2" Trailer Hitch
If you have a car or truck with a two inch trailer hitch, the winch can fit directly in the hitch of the vehicle and be run while held in place by the hitch. It also makes getting in and out of a spot really fast - if you need to do that for any reason.