Kraken Stealth General Use / by Dan Lykens

So we’re guessing since you are reading this, you, or someone near you has purchased a Kraken Stealth. Thank you! We are going to go through general operation of a Kraken Stealth. For purposes of simplicity, this manual covers the Kraken Stealth 301. Both the 212 and 420 operate similarly.


The Kraken Stealth runs on standard non leaded gasoline. If you are storing the machine for any time, also put a little bit of fuel stabiliser in the tank. To fill it, pull off the cap and pour some gas inside. We recommend not doing this around fiery environments. Also, make sure your Kraken Stealth has oil. It’s a four stroke engine, so you don’t have to mix any oil in the fuel.


Now that the winch is all good and gassed up, it's time to start it up. To start the Kraken Stealth, engage the choke, turn on the gas, and make sure the kill switch is set to ON. If this is confusing, just match it to the images below. Give the cord a really good rip, and start it up!


Now that the winch is started up, move the choke back to the running position. You are now ready to start pulling people. With the rope out and the rider ready, push back the throttle to speed up the winch and start pulling in rope. To stop, push the throttle all the way to the front. This is also the time you would apply the break if your machine is equipped with one. Don’t run the rope so far that the handle hits the fairlead as this causes damage to the machine. Also don’t apply the break while the machine is under throttle, only hit the break with the throttle in its lowest position.


As the winch driver, always try to keep the line under tension while pulling it in. If the rider drops the handle, stop the winch. If you do pull the rope in without tension, it can get tangled. To undo a tangle, the cover on the spool can be removed. To remove the cover, unscrew the two wingnuts on the front of the machine. Take care not to lose the wingnuts or washers. The bottom of the cover is held with strong magnets. Pull directly up on the cover with the wingnuts off and the cover will come off.


After getting any tangle out of the line, put the cover back on. Do not cut and retie the line to untangle, it is expensive and requires splicing to put together. When putting the cover on, make sure it is in front of the magnet for proper security.


If the optional T handle is with the machine, it needs to be inserted in the back during travel and operation. To attach the handle, insert the small section of the handle into the back of the Kraken Stealth trailer hitch. Align the holes between the trailer hitch of the Kraken Stealth and the T handle and insert any standard ⅝” hitch pin.



And with all your new found knowledge, go out and shred. Happy Winching!


-The Kraken Team