Kraken Stealth Wakeboard Snowboard Winch
Stealth Specs
Kraken Stealth Wakeboard Snowboard Winch
Kraken Stealth Wakeboard Snowboard Winch

The Kraken Stealth is a powerful machine intended for experienced riders. Kraken Stealth may cause intense periods of joy, pain, exhilaration, bliss, and/or insanity. Kraken Boardsports is not responsible for loss of life, limb, or significant other due to Kraken Stealth. You have been warned. Buy yours here.

Stealth Specs
Stealth Specs

Engine Options:
212cc 6.5 HP
301cc 8 HP
420cc 13HP

Line Options:
Dyneema Line - 600' - 1200'

Gear Ratios:
Standard - 10 to 40
Goes 13mph
high torque - Better for Wakeboarding beginners

Optional - 10 to 34
Goes 18mph
High speed - Excellent for Snowboarding and experienced wakeboarders

Other Info:
2" Trailer Hitch Mountable
140lbs Weight
CVT Transmission
Optional Rear Handle for easy transport and strapping down
Optional Heavy Duty Fairlead for sand and dirty environments
Optional Hand brake for stopping the spool fast

Please Note:
The Kraken Stealth ships freight on a pallet, costing 250~400 depending on location.
Shipping is calculated upon entering an address.

Snowboard the Suburbs

Shred wherever with the Kraken Stealth winch.